Cover Star: Lana Del Rey Opens Up About Living In London In Dazed Magazine


American singer and model Lana Del Rey is the latest cover star of Dazed Magazine. For the issue, she was photographed by Charlotte Wales and styled by Robbie Spencer in different designer pieces.In an interview with Courtney Love (interviewer for the magazine cover), the dazzling artist opened up about her dreamland saying if she was going to live anywhere but California, she would move to London.‘If I could live anywhere in the world other than LA, I’d live in London. In the back of my mind, I always feel like I could maybe end up there,’ she told interviewer Courtney Love. She also revealed she duets with The Weeknd on her new album’s title track. ‘I also have Abel (Tesfaye), The Weeknd,’ she told Dazed, continuing: ‘He is actually on the title track of the record, Lust For Life.Maybe that’s kind of weird to have a feature on the title track, but I really love that song and we had said for a while that we were gonna do something; I did stuff on his last two records.’ Credit: Dazed Magazine

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