KOKO Junior: The Wombmates Megan & Morgan Boyd


Megan and Morgan Boyd are one of the internet’s favourite twins and they are our KOKO Junior of the week. Born in Philadelphia, the cute models are well known as the M&M twins with blue eyes. These super-stylish 6-year-old twins. Megan has two blue eyes while Morgan has one blue eye and one brown eye. The contrast and uniqueness of blue eyes against their flawless brown skin is striking. Morgan and Megan, dubbed by their mom, Stephanie Boyd the Trueblue Twins, have already scored modeling gigs. Charming the world with their unique eye colour, they traveled down to Jacksonville, N.C., for a fashion show and met former “America’s Next Top Model” contestant Bianca Golden in 2015. With a massive following of 129k on Instagram, they have been scouted by celebrities like “Love and Hip Hop” reality star Yandy Smith, former Mindless Behavior band member Ray Ray and even Wendy Wiliams. Credit: Stephanie Boyd

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