KOKO’s Men Of The Week: 5 Nigerian Sportsmen That Keep Scoring With Their Fashion Game


We all want to be celebrity superstars. But do you know that almost all celebrity superstars’ daydreams features them playing a sport star’s role. We tend to forget all about those demigods. Who else can pack stadia full of screaming fans agitated with each action they take? And sometimes they don’t only restrict their free scoring onto the field of play. Some of them take their MVP skills outside the sports arena and continue killing with their style choices. So we have picked our favourite 5 Nigerian sportsmen who instinctively belong to the sports field but still won’t look out of place at a fashion festival.
Joseph Yobo

Gabriel Agbonlahor

Olu Olamigoke Jr

Seye Ogunlewe

Dele Alli

Photo Credit: Getty

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