Relationship: Why More Ladies Want To Remain Single


As little girls we all dreamt of growing up, finding ‘the one’ and our happily ever afters. Some of our childhood stories even centered around the theme of falling in love and our highest ambitions were making babies and maybe making a career of being a home maker. That was mostly all we could imagine life was about, after all majority of out parents made it clear to their female children that the most important achievement for any woman was keeping a man happy.Some of these ideals worked for some of us as we grew into adulthood, but for others life presented other options, new horizons opened and even the expectation of men changed. To make a man happy started requiring more than making babies or being a good home maker.
For most men these days, when their relationships come to an abrupt end and ‘bae’ says she is moving on, they believe its most likely because there is another man who is offering more than they are, but we have news for you; there is more to breakups now. Times have changed and though there are still women who go after men for material gain, more women are leaving relationships to focus on themselves.
So, you wonder what more could influence a sudden end to an otherwise good relationship?

Consider it as switching dreams for dreams. More women are beginning to think outside the the engagement-ring box and seeing themselves achieving more with their lives. With men keeping women engaged for multiple years and not willing to make an honest woman of them, ditching the whole thing all together is becoming more appealing. Yes, we had dreams of tying our lives to that of someone else and live blissfully delirious in love after, but the world is presenting women with alternatives. Who says I can’t be the C.E.O of a fortune 500 company, own a private jet and travel at will to any exotic part of the world without answering to anyone? The answer is readily obvious when you hear someone say, ‘The place of a woman is in the kitchen.’ Thanks to the new crop of women visionnaires all your bae needs to hear to set her moving is ‘If you can think it, you can do it.’Asides the influx of female role models taking charge of industries and inspiring other women to step up their game, the world also expects more from women. If you have never directly or indirectly made a comparison between your woman and a top-earning woman somewhere in this world, then you have been strong. More men think its only fair to have expectations of their women in terms of earnings too if she has one of them.So, automatically, its not strange to hear a man ask why Miss girlfriend can’t do what her mates are doing. The fact that there are no guarantees in relationships does not help the case either. Why would a woman put up with a man who makes her feel little when she can as well be single and work on herself?.Ultimately there is a catch to going single and more career minded. The news and social media is replete with ‘lucky’ girls who land multimillionaire husbands by being at the right place. Its known as reaping the fruit of your hustle and we know anyone moves faster when they don’t have extra baggage.Here is the summary of the whole matter, love is a good thing and lucky is anyone who finds it, but love is not all that is required to make a relationship work. This new year, if you are a man reading this, be a better person just the same way we know your woman is trying to be. Then you both can be the better person that the other person finds.
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