Magazine Cover: Beyoncé Interviewed Solange For Interview


It’s difficult to keep in mind the effort, the control required to make music that feels as graceful and cool as Solange’s ‘A Seat at the Table’ especially when it’s playing anywhere within earshot. All and everyone it touches just seems to groove in its glow.For so long, and perhaps right up until the release of A Seat last September, and because the media can only think in archetypes or binaries, apparently, Solange was often cast in contrast to her big sister, Beyoncé-Solange as the groovy Dionysian hipster to Bey’s Apollonian majesty.
The American singer, model and actress was photographed by Mikael Jansson in an interview done by her charming and loving talented sister Beyonce. Solange was photographed in different fashion designer items.

Credit: Interview Magazine

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