KOKOnista Of The Day: The Beautiful Nyané Lebajoa


South African born fashion guru Nyané Lebajoa is our KOKOnista of the day. She can pull off any hair colour and hair style out there and her outfits are everything. With over 540K followers on Instagram alone it is safe to say that Nyané has taken the world of social media by storm. Based in Berlin, Germany, Nyané spent her teenage years in the UK. Lebajoa started as a portrait and hair model at a very young age and then took to Tumblr to show off some photography and styling work of hers and twin sister Mpho. Instagram seemed to be the next big thing, so she made an account and started posting. It turned out to be quite successful and brands started contacting her, wanting to send clothes for her to wear and advertise. Nyané’s metallic locks have arguably become her trademark look, she also pulls off space buns and braids so well. With her top girl crushes been Sahara Ray, Jillian Hervey it is obvious that her style is dainty, elegant, ethnic and sexy. Nyané is a multitalented blogger and model who loves to sing, and like her fashion style, she gets her music inspiration from the 90’s. Credit: Nyané Lebajoa

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