KOKOnisto Of The Day: The South African ‘Boyfriend’ Fashion Blogger Sergio Ines


Most ladies are busy giving their men stick about their fashion choices. But not South African Sergio Ines’ girlfriend. The lady was so impressed by Sergio’s style sense that she started uploading his pictures on Instagram and the resulting response was so positive that it culminated in Sergio starting a fashion blog. A blog that has achieved enviable success.

What My Boyfriend Wore is a men’s fashion diary with a difference. You will find the where, what and how of men’s style as well as the fun finds of living a gentleman’s life on the tip of Africa! The blog brings class to the casual, and fun to the formal.

Sergio Ines, an advertising art director from Cape Town and GQ’s second best-dressed man in South Africa, uses his blog to share his simple rules for dressing with Instagram pictures taken almost daily. Though he is slightly uncomfortable by the interest shown in his sense of style and does not want to be classified as a “style guru”.

Sergio is from the school of thought that believes grooming has become incredibly important, not just for the sake of being well presented but with our fast-paced lifestyles, grooming helps to make sure we don’t age before our time.

There’s a also common misperception that he spends a fortune on clothing that Sergio finds ridiculous. According to him, he doesn’t spend as much on clothing as people think. He also don’t buy clothes online, as he’s particular about how clothes fit him. He goes into stores and look out for the red sale signs.

Photo Credit: Sergio Ines

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