Lifestyle: Revamping Your Wardrobe In The New Year


With the new year comes that quite familiar need to do new things. Get a new job, move to a new house, dump an old relationship for a new one, have a new style and most often for the ladies acquire a new wardrobe. If you are among those who the ‘new year, new me’ bug has bitten, then your wardrobe is the best place to start revamping your personal style. Creating a new style for yourself doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg either, you just have to be diligent with our top tips and tricks to upping your wardrobe game and voilà you have a new you. So let the revamping begin!

Empty You Wardrobe: You never know how much clothing you have accumulated till you turn everything out and take stock. More often than not you discover the craps you’ve put money on as well. The upside to this particular action though is that you also get to find all those outfits that have been buried under the pile for so long that you haven’t worn them since forever. Some of these items might even be trending like the off-shoulder dress and top at the moment. So start by emptying your wardrobe and picking out clothes you haven’t used in a while then decide which ones you would like to keep and ones that have to go.

Repair What You Still Want To Keep: Do you remember that handbag in the bottom drawer you abandoned after the zipper got faulty? Now may be the time to get it repaired and start rocking it all over again. Same goes for clothes and shoes.Having alterations done to clothes that need them is akin to adding new items to your wardrobe because you have an extra outfit to pick from. Your old shoes with a little jazzing-up can come alive and be your favourite items again.

Categorise Whats Left: After ditching the things you no longer want, the next step is to categorise. You can easily keep track of separating them into different piles, such as work outfits, casual tops, evening dresses, jeans, dress pants, fitness clothing and so on. This would make dressing up easier for and you can see everything in category at a glance.

Find A Style Inspiration: Most of us have celebrities or even friends whose style make us green with envy. Now is the time to get closer and learn all you can to get as stylish as they are. You don’t have to look like a copy of them while drawing inspiration from them. Just borrow a few of their best style looks and let that inspire you to a new look. Stick to what makes you most comfortable though you might want to try new things because you wouldn’t want to sacrifice your confidence to look like someone else and still fail at it.

Update Where Necessary: Our best advice is to work more with accessorising. You will be shock at the transformation a simple necklace or scarf can do to a simple shirt on denim.Get more accessories and also make sure you get those things that are currently missing in your wardrobe.You don’t have to break a bank to get them either. Also remember that you don’t have to be a slave to trend, you can be your own trend and be fabulous at it.

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