#KOKOInterracial: Do Black Women Marry Interracially Because They Are Ugly & Not Good Enough For Black Men?


Since the announcement of Serena Williams engagement to Reddit Co-Founder Alexis Ohanian there has been congratulatory messages from loved ones, fans and many well-wishers, yet with many interracial relationships there have been a huge debate and opinions particularly from the black community about the relationship on social media.With commens like “Look at her. She looks like a man. Of course she will only marry a white boy” “Horse Face! Nobody wants the ugly dark-skinned b**ch!!”Even as a decorated and one of the best Tennis player in history, Serena has often been questioned about her look. To some people, she is the perfect representation of a beautiful black woman and to others muscular, too athletic and ‘ugly’.And when she finally became engaged to her fiancé, she unbeknowingly have stepped on some black keyboard warriors’ toes who argues that her ‘swirling’  is an ‘ugly girl’s argument,’ as she only swirled in the first place because no black man was really interested in her or just too dark to be with by the black brothas. Yet, let us put this perspective and remember that Serena had been linked with many black men from choreographer Columbus Short, C.C. Sabathia, Keyshawn Johnson, Common, Jackie Long, Hosea Chanchez and NBA star Amar’e Stoudemire, if not one of all this rumoured interest were smart enough to see the star as a beautiful black woman, is that really her problem? Or the problem of the deluded black men. Okay, okay…let’s even agree that the keyboard brigades are ‘right’, yet there remains a reasonable amount of black men (and black women too) who look at her and get why she advocates swirling, and this is not because she has some “swirl face” or because she’s “too ugly for a brotha”.The answer is that this new generation of black men appreciates black women and are happy and celebrates black women who dates men who respect, love and find them beautiful, irrespective of race and colour. This I admit this is a kick in the teeth to all the black keyboard warriors whose ludicrous argument seem to suggest that since black ‘ugly’ women aren’t good enough for black men, they should sit and wallow in self pity and loneliness forever, as they don’t deserve no man.Yet when a man from a different race says they find them attractive, they should not date them, as dating them is actually a crime against humanity!Ultimately, black women who swirl are not wrong to flee those who hate them and gravitate to rave and social circles accepts and celebrates them as beautiful black women. It is not a sin to love those who love and respect you, but only natural and true. Photo Credit: Getty

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