Cocktails And Drinks: Five Ways You Can Drink Soda


We all love a fizzling, chilly, sweaty, cold bottle of coke. See that sudden dryness you just felt at the back of your throat, that is the magic of soda working. Despite the multitude of negative articles we’ve read on the carbonated drink (I actually took a break to fully think about the relationship between soda and I after I read that a bottle of it is all you need to get rid of rust and also clean burned pots), we just can’t let go. It’s almost as if there is an ingredient in the drink that is addictive. Almost something like caffeine…Oh….yeah, my bad!

Anyways, caffeine or no caffeine, Coc..soda has become a staple on all drinking tables same way rice is the default food in all Nigerian kitchens (don’t get me started on that). At the club, a bottle of soda is not a strange tray companion with a golden bottle of Ace of Spades. In traffic, a bottle is always around the hawker..sorry corner..to come to the rescue. Even some might be ready to suggest to churches to adopt Coca Cola as communion wine. But there are still a million ways that the famed drink can be used. It is the gift that keeps on giving. I am no soda specialist but I might have been a soda addict in my former life and I want to share my favourite five ways of using the delicious drink.

1. Muddy Water (Orange Juice + Soda)
Fill 1/4 of a pint with ice. Pour over the orange juice, then the soda. Stir gently to mix. You’ll see where the name comes from. Refreshingly different.
2. Funky Funk (White Wine + Sprite + Soda)
Mix three equal portions of white wine, sprite and soda well and serve in a tall glass.
3. Gidi’s Revenge (Baileys Irish Cream + Dark Rum + Soda)
Take a tall glass, add the rum, 1/4 a glass of soda, then add Bailey’s little by little, mixing constantly. The mixture will fizz very vigorously and may curdle slightly. When well frothed, and creamy, eat with a spoon. Its so fizzy you’ll see why you need a spoon!
4. Soda and Drops Recipe (Pet bottle soda + Lemon Juice)
Take a glass, pour the soda in the glass, then you take 7 drops of lemon juice. Garnish with a lemon slice on the rim of the glass.
5. Screaming Orgasm (Jack Daniels + Soda)
Fill up a tall glass with ice. Add Jack Daniel’s whiskey and fill with six times as much soda. Stir 10 – 20 seconds and serve.

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