Aunty Aurora: I’ll Marry My Sugar-Mummy, If Only…


Dear Aunty Aurora,
As a young man with quite a large ego; if I do say so myself, asking a woman for relationship advice has never crossed my mind until very recently that things started getting out of hands in my life. I’m a 27 years old guy, a graduate of a reputable University in Nigeria and intentionally unemployed. That may come as a shock to you but I do have my own way of having my needs met.
While I was growing up, I knew from a very young age that I was very good looking and always used it to my advantage. Fast forward to my undergraduate days, I realised that dating older women who were well established was a easy way to live large on campus and all I had to do was fulfil their whim and keep them happy in bed. After school the job offers I was getting didn’t come with pay that could maintain my kind of lifestyle so I continued with my older women.
My current ‘cougar’ is quite demanding though. She wants us to hangout like a normal couple would, an introduction to my parents and eventually marriage. Unlike my previous ‘Sugar mummies’, I like this particular one because of her generosity and the fact that she takes care of herself.
I would gladly do these things for her but the problem is that my parents have never been in support of my kind of life and will never accept her. Please what do I do?
Dear Sugar-boy,
The world won’t always accept you,your lifestyle or choice of partner. So my advice to you is if you love her, go ahead and marry her. If being with her makes you happy make an honest woman of her but prepare to deal with rejection. Its the least you could do for love.
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