Relationship: Looking For Love In The New Year?


For those of us who stepped into the new year single for whatever reason it may be, welcome to a new year with new beginnings. There is nothing wrong with not being in a relationship entering a new year and its just a time of the year, some people will break up next month and its still the same single-hood they will be coming into.
Last year might have held heartbreaks and hurts for you in terms of love, but consider the new year a fresh start to getting it right this time around.Its the first month of the year so you need to get to work right away. Your previous relationship ended for a reason. Whose fault it is hardly matters anymore. What you need at the moment is get past the hurt, anger or both then you can settle down to moving on. You have to be strategic in your approach; deal with the things that come first then you can move on to the next. These simple steps can help you find the one before the year ends
Let go of the past and leave the baggage behind: We’ve all been wounded, hurt and angry in our lives. These wounds can feel even more brutal when they involve someone we love and can easily be carried into our present and future relationships if we are not aware. In the New Year, make a commitment to deal with your pain, heal unresolved emotional wounds and approach your love life with an open heart and mind.Be open and emotionally ready for love: As important as it is to visualize your future partner, it is just as important to understand that love can look different than we sometimes expect. Don’t get carried away with what you expect your future partner to that you pass up opportunities at finding love again. Be flexible because not all gifts come in sparkly packages.Challenge yourself to jump out of your comfort zone: Rejection is a natural part of finding love so don’t assume that the first person you pick an interest in will automatically return the affection. Set an intention to resist taking everything personally while committing to not giving up on love during the disappointing moments. Encourage yourself when you start feeling down and have another go at it till you find the one.

Do new things, meet new people: You might have to move beyond your current pond to meet another fish, get what we mean.? Joining new groups, volunteering for courses attending events and conference brings you into closer proximity with like minds. Then beyond meeting a need or learning new things, you might just get a partner for life.Treat yourself kindly, practice self-care and love yourself first: This is most likely the important advice you need to pay attention to.  It is completely understandable that you are looking for a partner who can love you and accept you- this is part of being human. However, it is most important to love yourself first. You can cultivate self-love by focusing on your positive qualities and accomplishments, doing away with the self-critical voice that beats you up when you make a mistake.Whether single, dating or in a relationship, commit to achieving personal goals and making time for your own interests and relaxation is an indicator that you are ready for someone else’s loving.
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