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Its still the first week of the year and we don’t expect you to get bored with the ‘Resolution’ talk just yet. Yes we know its annoying when people go about talking about resolutions when we are all aware they won’t even stick to them beyond the first week. Like we have said before, it is easier to make a long list of all the changes you want to make in your life in a new year, following through on your plan is always the hard part. The good news we have for you though is that psychologists have revealed the three key needs of every individual in fulfilling their resolution. They say that your best chances for keeping this promise to yourself depends on your having the capability, the opportunity, and the motivation to see it through.

Although most resolutions we make are about lifestyle changes that only affect us on the most basic level. Its time you start making resolutions that not only improve you as a person but also your career. Some of your resolutions might be absolutely unattainable for you at the moment, but these five we can assure you are stress-free, achievable and will boost your career.
Have At Least One Experience That Stretches You: If your aim this year is to move up in your organisation, one sure way to do that would be to volunteer to participate in organising something you have no business doing. Gaining an experience that you otherwise would not have access to in your current role would broaden your knowledge and boost your confidence in areas that you lack experience. For instance volunteering to help put on an industry conference that will ultimately lend your company the brand exposure it’s been seeking, would place you in a prime position for consideration when the company start seeing the results of your contribution. Even if that’s not the end result of you trying your hand at something outside your career comfort zone, it’s likely to introduce you to new people, offer you a memorable new learning experience, and lead you to discover insight about yourself.Learn One Tech Skill: Its the computer age and the things you can achieve through tech knowledge are almost limitless. Pick one tech skill you’d like to learn, and find out how to do it. From where? From the internet of course. Just a click of the button can open doors to uncharted territories for you and the benefits are not only for the now but also your future careers.Make Plans To Read Books That Can Push Your Career Forward: Nothing compares to the treasures buried in a book. Your career can also receive a boost when you find the right materials and internalise them. You might claim not being a reader or having very little time outside work to read, but this year, challenge yourself to read at least one book in every four months.They can be straight-up business options, fiction, a biography, whatever-just make sure you’re choosing ones that will make you think, that’ll inspire you on whatever path you’re on. Yes, you can still have some lighter reads. But go out of your way this year to pick three that’ll help you advance, and not just give you an escape.Disconnect Regularly: Some of us have our lives so intertwined with the internet that we find it hard to function without our devices. Even a simple mathematical problem has us reaching for the nearest calculator. Your dependency on technology may cause more harm than good at the end of the day. As much as you need to stay up to date with your email, social media and trends, disconnecting from time to time should also be part of your agenda.Learn One Thing That Has No Practical Application In Your Life: Sounds stupid? Let’s take a look at when Steve Jobs studied calligraphy. He marvelled at the beauty and artistry of the technique. In a commencement address at Stanford in 2005, Jobs admitted that learning the skill wasn’t the most pragmatic thing he’s ever done. Little did he know how his calligraphy experience would deeply influence his sense of design in his work at Apple. Learning new things is not always for the immediate gratification but what you stand to gain in the long run.Resolve to take a course, attend a conference, read an instructional book, or find that mentor who can stoke your curiosity and teach you about something you have a burning desire to know. Forget about the practicality part of it and have fun. You never know where it might take you career wise.Credit: Getty

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