Monday Musings: Why Bobrisky Is The Perfect Muse When Making New Year Resolutions


Who knowest not who Bobrisky is? You only need to enter ‘Bo’ into the Google search box and his (some might argue that the right preposition is ‘her’) name is on the list of suggestions that pops up. A list that includes global names like ‘Bob Marley’ and ‘Boko Haram’. The self styled Male-Barbie has cultivated a massive fame on social media for being the boldest and loudest crossdresser in the relatively conservative nation of Nigeria. Love him or loathe him, we all find this queer bright-skinned man amusing and mind boggling at the same time.
And with the new resolutions season now in full gear, who perfect to provide you with musing for the year than our very own Barbie? We are not calling him a hero, neither are we recognising him as the leader of a movement, but when you bring out your pen and sit down for those quiet hours to map out what new actions or inactions you have planned out for the year, taking a lesson from the life of Bobrisky might not be as bad as it sounds.
1. He is fearless. When the public started to pay attention to him, part of the lure and mystery was that they felt it was ‘film trick’ that a young man can be so bold and fearless to publicly display such acts as Bobrisky’s. A man who walks the busy streets of Lagos in crop tops and palazzo pants has the courage of a lion. He does not care what people say. Criticism does not make him do a double take, instead it spurs him on – same way it should energise you. When you are setting targets and landmarks to surpass this year, do not think twice about triggering the hash opinions of said critics. At the end of the day, opinions are just that opinions, nothing more. They are not facts, they are not statement of truths. Do not shy from cutting back from that circle of friends. Do not be afraid of what the next person you decide not to lend money to will think. Do not pick his late night booty call just because you do not if he will respond harshly.
2. Your resolutions also need to be distinct just like Bobrisky. Never will you put Bobrisky in a room of a thousand women, and you won’t spot him from 75 miles away. Put him in a room of a thousand men and the spotting distance increases to 750 miles. So should your targets for the year. Rather than making friends with the cool kids this year, form a clique with the weirdos and geeks and amuse yourself all year long. Rather than getting a dog as a pet, did you ever consider a tortoise? Stop going with crowd. It gets boring. Plus have you noticed how hard it is to take a good selfie – sorry self assessment – while in the midst of crowd.
3. People can’t stop talking about Bobrisky. Neither should they stop talking about your resolutions this year. Almost all social media discussions gets to mention Bobrisky at some point. I know I mention his name in discussions now more than I should. As much as my eyes squirm at the images of Bobrisky, my mouth does the polar opposite. It dissects and analyses the male barbie frequently. How exciting will it be if a man you have never spoken to is discussing your healthy actions in a remote place later this year. Maybe because he sees you jogging committedly every single morning with out missing one. Or because you competed next to him in a marathon. Or because he is the cashier at the store where you only check out low carb foods and none of that red meat high cholesterol stuff.
4. They won’t understand it. They will criticise it. But they can’t stop following its every step. That perfectly sums up the phenomenon called Bobrisky. And that could be your story too. Your friends might criticise you for excusing yourself from club hopping every Friday night. Your bae might not understand why you no longer surprise her with expensive gifts frequently, but let your finances boom this very year that those around you will follow your every step and wonder what the magic is. Buggle their minds just like Bobrisky does to ours.
Today is not a day for me to dissect and analyse trending topics that are affecting global citizens. Sometimes it is necessary to focus what is ahead of us and plan strategically to avoid becoming the topic of a Monday’s musing in 2017. After all you can’t drive a car if you are always looking at the rearview mirror. And the signs on the road ahead look a lot like a Nigerian male barbie.
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