Keep An Eye On Them! 5 Men To Watch Out For In 2017


We have highlighted the Men Of This Year but it’s time to switch focus and talk about those we are sure will be making different lists at the end of 2017 whether good list or bad list. In no particular oder, our top guys worth keeping a tracker on next year are:
Donald Trump
When it comes to the president-elect there’s a long list of unknowns. Here are just some of the most important questions: Will President Trump really pull the United States out of the Iran nuclear deal? Will he build a wall along the Mexican border and demand the Mexicans pay for it? Will he take drastic steps to limit Muslim immigration, and pursue legal action against Hillary Clinton? I’m not even going to try to answer these questions. But the very fact they have to be asked suggests what extraordinary changes we’re in for. Perhaps a safer prediction is that American society, and particularly its larger cities, could be in for its most turbulent years yet.
You can’t run away or hide from him right now. The 23-year-old singer known as Tekno has been this year’s breakout star. Tekno has had a string of hits but within the last year the Triple MG singer has turned up the heat by dropping one hit track after the other. Tekno no doubt is a music star but the question is will he transcend just music and become a celebrity. I guess 2017 is the year we will find out.
Mai Atafo
Versatile, stylish, urban, classic, contemporary, clean, perfectly put-together, these are the words to describe the artistic and fashionable designs of one of the most recognized and sought-after designers in the fashion industry, Mai Atafo. He is taking fashion designing to the next level and the aesthetics works of this bespoke clothier tailor have caught the world’s attention. 2016 was the year he became an household name in Nigeria. He is set to go continental in 2017.
Frank Donga
Frank Donga is a typical example of how celebrities can establish themselves breaking away from the norm and old order of fame ascension. His comic role with the Ndani Tv Skits “The interview” became an instant hit and spread like wildfire as people happily shared different series amongst themselves. Following his sudden fame status, Donga has continued to excite his numerous fans by posting funny memes and messages on both his facebook and twitter accounts in addition to various television appearances. Be prepared to see more of Frank’s comic face in the coming year.
Tope ‘Horpload’ Adenola
Talk about a celebrity photographer. Tope is gradually becoming the unofficial official photographer for the celebrity elites in Nigeria. You would have to count 40 winks while sifting through celebrity pictures before you see one not taken by Tope. The 27-year-old has admitted he has his eyes set on world domination and who are we to argue otherwise. Next year might be the year we say “If it isn’t taken my Horpload, we are not uploading it”. Pardon my parched wit.
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